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The Texas and Liberty Lone Star Flag

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A proudly independent streak has been a cornerstone of the Lone Star spirit from the very beginning. The first settlers were drawn to Texas by the opportunity of an unfettered life in an agriculturally rich land with a very pleasant climate.

The early Texans lived under the Mexican Constitution which was quite similar to the United States Constitution. When the central government of Mexico began its imperial over reach at the hands of the dictator Santa Anna, citizens of Texas and patriots throughout the world recognized the importance of individual rights and freedoms. Many joined the fight for freedom and individual liberties proposed by the Republic of Texas.

This striking flag was designed and made for one group of volunteers by 18 year old Joanna Troutman from one of her own dresses. She presented the flag to the battalion that marched to fight for Texas liberty. The blue lone star flag was unfurled at Velasco on January 8, 1836. It was carried to Goliad where James Fannin raised it as the national flag when news arrived that Texas had officially declared her independence.

The Texas and Liberty flag, made by a young woman dedicated to Texas independence, was one of the most inspirational symbols in the dark months between the defeat at the Alamo and the victory at San Jacinto. The slogan is a tribute to the independent spirit which is still today a large part of the Lone Star mystique.

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