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The Texas Rangers with Frank Hamer

Unique vintage photograph with antiqued replica badges

Shadowbox framed, 18" x 25", $325

The Texas Rangers were founded in 1823 - fourteen years before Texas' independence from Mexico was even declared. Their skill soon won them recognition as the most efficient and least expensive way to protect the Texas frontier, thin out desperados, bring in cattle rustlers and bootleggers and restore order in boom towns. Their traditions, toughness, and espirit de corps quickly won the Rangers worldwide fame and continuing

Frank Hamer, the man who is often described as the most famous Texas Ranger, is pictured in this photograph standing tall with a rifle in his right hand. Texas’ number one gangster Clyde Barrow was captured and killed by Captain Hamer and five other men in Louisiana in May 1934.

Vintage Texas Ranger photograph paired with 3 antiqued replica 19th century peace officer badges.


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