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Goliad Flag

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One week after the first shot of the Texas Revolution was fired at Gonzales, Texans led by George Collinsworth and Ben Milam took the offensive and captured the important Mexican fortress at Goliad. In Spanish these forts were called presidios, and they were originally built to protect a nearby settlement or missionary outpost.

More than two months before elected delegates from throughout Texas met at Washington on the Brazos and voted to break from Mexico, almost 100 settlers at Goliad expressed similar sentiments, signing their own declaration of independence. As the document was signed, a flag designed by Captain Phillip Dimmitt was raised over the presidio.

The flag symbolized the Texans' willingness to face any sacrifice to win their freedom.
The presidio at Goliad, established in 1749, was one of the most important military positions in the Mexican province of Texas. After the fall of the Alamo, it was also the site of the massacre of Colonel Fannin's men after their defeat and capture at Colleto. The presidio has been meticulously preserved and visitors there today get the truest feel for life in early Texas.

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