Shipping and Delivery

Our flags are individually hand-crafted to order. As such please allow approximately two weeks for most items to ship.
Please call or email to discuss in stock items or expedited availability.

We can ship selections all over the world, usually by Federal Express. Everything is expertly packed and fully insured.  FedEx charges vary depending upon distance size and speed; please call or email us for specifics.

Generally, the shipping cost of a full scale flag runs between $40–$60. Most other framed items, including collector size flags and map replicas can be shipped for about $20.

Within Texas...
As often as possible within Texas we try to deliver your order on our truck, which often costs less and is quite a bit safer. This is especially true is you are getting several items at once.

We usually visit Houston, Dallas and San Antonio every couple of weeks, and special deliveries can be arranged as needed.